Apr 102012

Ok. The vast majority of issues that people were having had to do with having a JAVA_HOME, having java in the PATH or not having java at all. I have rebuilt the download to not run an installer at all. If you run the included eqdv.bat file (which will be in the root directory where you unzip the package), it should work. I have tested on WinXP 32, Vista 32, Win7 32 and Win7 64.

What I am doing is including a JRE (java run-time) in the download. You unzip the package to a directory and run it directly from there. No install programs. I will be uploading the new install later today. It will have a .zip extension instead of a .jar extension. I’ll update this post once I get it uploaded. Once I do that, I will make a new video showing how to install and run the program.

UPDATE: Download is available. Download version 0.91.

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