Apr 032012

I got the deployment created and the file is ready. For a quick overview, check out the videos in my previous posts. I think it’s pretty easy to use. I do plan on adding an in app help. That’s a work in progress.

Work flow is to use /OUTPUTFILE in EQ and get an inventory file. Once you have the inventory file, use the EQDV menu option Edit and add a character. Once you have a char created, use File Open to load a data file.

If you download and use this, please let me know about any bugs you find. I have loaded this on a few different machines here and a few other people have played with it but I expect that as a larger volume of data pushes through it, there will be some bugs. Different configs may have issues also.

You need to have Java installed. JRE or JDK, doesn’t really matter as long as you have JAVA_HOME set or it is in your path. I think it will run on Java 1.5+ but I have not tested it below 1.6.

Known issues so far:

  1. In the installer, you will need to install to an existing directory. It can be empty or not. Multiple machines have had an issue creating a directory.  I’m looking into that.
  2. The installer is supposed to create a desktop shortcut. That’s not currently working.
  3. I have massive logging turned on in the app. That is for debugging purposes. I will tune that down when the app is out of beta. It may cause performance issues on slower PCs.

If you hit any other issues, please let me know about it. I want to fix them. I have thick skin. Don’t worry about offending me.

Also, if you have ideas to improve it, let me know. I don’t make promises but I would like to see this become a useful tool.

The file is here.

Remember this is BETA software. It may not work as advertised. It may break. I hope it doesn’t break your PC but I can’t make any promises.

The install program is a JAR file. In most versions of windows, you can just double click on the jar in explorer and it will run.  If that doesn’t work, you can run:

java -jar EQDV-0.9-installer.jar

Enjoy and let me know how it goes for you.





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