Mar 302012

This is my first post for EQ Data Vault. What is EQ Data Vault (EQDV)? Well, it’s a long story.

I like playing EQ. That’s everquest. Everquest is a roleplaying MMO. Maybe THE role playing MMO. It’s classic. It came after UO but before WoW, GuildWars or any of those. Anyway, I’ve played off an on since about 2000.

Flash forward. I wanted to learn Groovy. Groovy is a java-esque scripting language that run in a JVM. It’s a pretty sweet language. I’m the type that can pick up a new programming language fairly quickly. I’ve been doing this a long time and have used somewhere around a hundred or so languages at one time or another. I’m also the type that I need a project to really get into it. Way more than a hello world kind of thing.

So, I wrote EQ Data Vault.

I have over 50 toons (characters in the game) across many servers (a lot of these are mules, toons to act as extra bank storage). I am what is known as an Alt junkie. Rather than play on one main character, I play a bunch of alts. I solo a lot. Play with a few friends when they are on (most have left the game). But I like to play different classes and in different zones. What that means is that I have a lot of crap in the bank. I need some way to store that data and someway to query that data.

EQ Data Vault is a program that will load inventory files from EQ and make them easily searchable. The software is getting close to being release ready. I will probably do a beta before I release it into the wilds. Now is a pretty good time as EQ has just gone free to play. I hope that means that lot so of people will come back.

Just an FYI – this software is just for my own personal amusement and education. I hope people use it and provide a lot of feedback. I want to get it working as a nice piece of software. The more I work on it, the deeper my knowledge of groovy. It’s free, of course, but features and support are on an as available basis.

I know the software is butt ugly at the moment but here’s a screenshot.

I hope to have it ready for beta within the week.


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